Coffee is prepared

From Moka to capsules

There are many ways to prepare a cup of coffee, but the best known methods are the Turkish system
(boiling), filter and pressure infusion.

mano barista che pressa il caffè
moka Bialetti

PRESSURE... "with mocha"

This system is obtained with a commonly used machine: the "moka". It works by means of the pressure of boiling water. For an excellent result it is necessary to completely fill the filter of the coffee maker with ground coffee for mocha, but without ever pressing the powder. Place the mocha on the stove, over low heat and remove it as soon as the coffee rises. In this way only the noble parts of the coffee are extracted. By following these precautions, you can obtain a good homemade coffee quickly. The coffee obtained in this way lacks one peculiarity: it is not creamy. This characteristic is obtained only with the "espresso machine".

Neapolitan method

The operation of the extraction system is simple: place the
"Neapolitan" or "cuccuma" machine on the heat source and as soon as the water boils, turn
the appliance upside down; the water falls on the coffee, absorbs the aroma and is filtered through a small
sieve, collecting the drink in the special tank. From here the coffee will be poured into the cup thanks to the spout which, after having turned the cuccuma, assumes the correct direction, i.e. upwards. The time for complete "descent" of the water varies from five to ten minutes.

cuccuma napoletana, antico metodo per preparare il caffè
braccio macchina da caffè


The name says it all: an espresso must be freshly prepared and enjoyed immediately in the cup. It is obtained using the espresso machine, by passing a jet of hot water under pressure (9 or more atmospheres) for 25-30 seconds through a layer of seven grams of finely ground and well pressed coffee. The preparation of espresso coffee is a ritual which, in its entirety, starts with the grinding of the coffee beans. The barista's art consists precisely in calibrating it, in pressing the coffee powder correctly into the filter, in extracting the drink at the right temperature, at the right pressure and for the exact time. A perfect espresso is a small miracle of chemistry, technique and art all at the same time.


7 grams of ground coffee placed in single-portion capsules or pods, to make the
pleasure of coffee comfortable and within everyone's reach.
With this method, which is increasingly used in everyday life, it will be enough to simply insert the pod or capsule in the appropriate space of the coffee machine and click on the button to enjoy a high quality coffee.

macchinetta caffè in capsule compatibili

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